[Auto_enthusiasts] Cars & Coffee at Williamsburg April 15 + racetrack time!

Tim Michalski michalsk at jlab.org
Tue Apr 18 07:12:40 EDT 2023

Looks like a good time.  The joy of driving a car does not necessarily relate to the price of the car.  However, if someone gave me a McClaren, I wouldn't turn it down.  😉

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Cars and coffee was fun last weekend. My car’s twin showed up (at least one of them). John Wieliczko’s car got the attention of several folks!

Even more fun was Track Attack later in the day at Dominion Raceway. Here are a couple of pics. During the first few laps, I annoyed the McClaren behind me because of the no passing rule. Later when the shuffled the order of the cars, I could not keep up with it ha-ha (600 hp vs 200 hp, $300k vs $30k) but I think my car wins if one considers the ratio: fun/$ ha! It was great fun. In the “S” section, I could feel my car almost loosing grip to lateral forces (see attached graph to prove it!). But I love how the suspension and chassis worked to keep the car on the asphalt. On the straight, max speed I reached was 105 mph, in 4th gear at 7500 rpm. I found that keeping 4th gear through most of the track worked best, instead of shifting gears like a maniac. I highly recommend the track attack event!


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Subject: Cars & Coffee at Williamsburg April 15 + racetrack time!

JLab Motorheads,

With some luck, the weather on Saturday April 15 will be nice for the monthly Cars and Coffee in Williamsburg.


Also, on April 15th, I am driving my BRZ on track at Dominion Raceway. This is the first time I’ll be doing this. Looks like the rules are pretty relaxed. Likely not much fun for experienced drivers, but as a newbie I’m looking forward to it. Anyone would like to join in? There are 16 cars registered, and they have 24 places available per event.



For those who have not registered yet to our mailing list, or if you want to pass along the link to others, here it is:


Keep on motoring!


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