[BDXlist] BDX: PAC44 report

Marco Battaglieri battaglieri at ge.infn.it
Fri Aug 12 06:40:27 EDT 2016

Dear BDXrs
the PAC44 report was released yesterday.
The full report is linked to the BDX wiki:
You will find the relevant information about our proposal attached to 
this mail.

The conditions to have a full approval are:
- more/different simulations to asses the neutron bg
- on-site beam-related neutron bg measurement to validate simulations
- investigate PSD cpability of CsI+sipm
- detailed design/drawings of the new experimental Hall
- detector/shielding optimization
I think they are all addressable in a year time-scale and some of them 
are already in our work-plan.
There is also an issue with the new/parasitic beam time that apparently 
prevented to grant a C1 (in place of C2). If I understand correctly, if 
the beam time we are requesting is full parasitic we may not be 
requested to represent the proposal but negotiate it with the lab 

We are planning to have a short meeting next week to comment on the 
report in view of a thorough discussion with Bob McKeown early this fall.
If Elton will be available, I'll call it at the usual time (Tuesday 
11:00EST); if not we'll find a convenient time to meet.


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