[BDXlist] BDX be-weekly meeting on Thursday November 8 at 11:00 (EST)

Marco Battaglieri battaglieri at ge.infn.it
Thu Nov 8 03:09:29 EST 2018

Dear colleagues,
We will have a BDX meeting on *Thursday November 8**  at 11:00AM (EDT*).

The agenda is posted here:
feel free to add items or issues you want to discuss.

At today's meeting  we'll have a special guest (Igal Jaegle) that will 
give a 20mn talk on a possible extension of BDX reach.

The dark Compton process in the beam-dump experiments

"We propose a novel way to search for the dark photon, A', the axion-like pseudo-scalar, a, the dark scalar, S, and the light dark matter, chi, in the Compton-like
process, photon + e- > A'/a/S + e-  with A'/a/S decaying into leptons, photons, or chi's (when permitted) for the masses m(A'/a/S) < 105 MeV and m(chi) < 52.5 MeV, respectively. We will review how past, current, and future beam-dump experiments can use this production mechanism of dark particles. We will discuss the expected sensitivities of these experiments on the kinetic mixing (epsilon), the axion-like pseudo-scalar coupling to electron (gae) and photon (gaphoton), and the dark scalar coupling to electron (ye)."

Do not miss it!

For remote connection, follow the link reported below.

Talk to you tomorrow
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