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Richard Tyson (PGR) r.tyson.1 at research.gla.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 07:13:17 EDT 2022

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your advice, this is very much appreciated!

I've attached a new version of the total cross section plot, changed based on your recommendations. The points have changed slightly, as mentioned in another email yesterday I changed the exact cut values to be more in line with the RG-A analysis. Also note Bryan there wasn't discrepancy between the bound neutron and others, just the way I plotted it the error bars were hidden (which wasn't the right way to plot this anyways).

I understand though if the sentiment is that it is too early to show this plot. The reason why I wanted to include this is to show that the analysis is progressing and we have good consistency between different channels at CLAS12. Instead of the total cross section I could also plot ratios, to show good agreement between channels without showing the cross section. Let me know what you think is best!

Thanks again,
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Hi Richard,
Your key slide is #12 - total cross section.
You mentioned that the y-axis is AU. However, it is clear for the experts that the xs values are very close to nb. I am not sure that we are ready to show this plot as it is in your presentation.
Let me suggest to change y-axis to some really arbitrary scale, say from 0 to 1.

Your 3 xs points are very difficult to read. You may consider to shift these points along x-axis by some offset.
I have some other remarks but prefer to talk with you by zoom. It is not critical, just some suggestions to better organize your slides.
Best regards,

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Hi All,

I'm going to give a talk at the EUNPC<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__indico.cern.ch_event_1104299_&d=DwMFCQ&c=CJqEzB1piLOyyvZjb8YUQw&r=jsuHJvZltBfNoE12ZB2mBPyDG2wcNuxiKB_RQsgdKh0&m=ePNVAXp-VlqpgfE1JWDoc0ACxG5F4hSzbBNptLJe9sYwBTwf6Pd1IV_6UveLqo1T&s=UqcR-5pBvrQjzOBedTLQicMympYSXwE5wO9XR2A2luc&e=> conference next week on J/ψ Near-Threshold Photoproduction off the Proton and Neutron with CLAS12 and wanted to check that this if fine with you all, sorry for the short notice. I've attached my slides; any feedback is welcome!

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