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Dear RGA,

We have processed runs with a new tentative pass-2 release tag (8.7.0) and timestamp of 9:00AM EDT, March 30th.

They are located here: /volatile/clas12/rg-a/production/pass0/Spring19/sp19_dst_v1_29/dst/

The runs in questions are:
6616 (5 nA),
6618, 6723 (10 nA)
6642, 6670, 6712, 6714, 6716, 6718, 6728, 6769 (50 nA, production runs)

I would appreciate any analyzers that have been doing pass-2 validation studies to please repeat their studies on the newly cooked data. In addition, we need to pay particular attention to the ECAL in this particular tag as a number of changes (hopefully improvements!) have been made. At the following link, https://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/images/c/ce/20230330_ecal.pdf, you can find a presentation given at last week’s software meeting with a list of suggested checks that would be useful to study (unfortunately I do not believe we have any 8.5.0 files still available, but in general and in comparison to the pass-1 cook),

▪ - check electron yield and sampling fraction
▪ - photon/neutron multiplicity per sector
▪ - photons with the same xy coordinates
▪ - pi0 yield as a function of momentum

Please let me know if you have any questions,
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