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Richard Tyson (PGR) r.tyson.1 at research.gla.ac.uk
Mon Jul 3 09:21:42 EDT 2023

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your comments.

I haven't re-trained the AI PID on pass 2 data although I agree with you that this needs to be done. From the plots comparing quantities like sampling fraction or energy deposition it seems like these distributions are roughly consistent between pass 1 and pass 2 so as a first look I thought it would be ok to re-use the AI PID from pass 1.

I'm not sure why the resolution is larger in pass 2. It might be the case that the tracks we're recovering compared to pass 1 are tracks that are harder to reconstruct leading to a larger resolution overall. I don't know if anyone has any other idea as to why that might be? This will need to be investigated in more detail in any case, will be interesting to see if this is also the case in other channels...

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Hello Richard,

This looks very nice !

I have two questions :

Did you train the AI PID on Pass2 simulations too ? For overall consistency this should be done to have a one-to-one comparison

Also, in pass 2 the peaks are larger in both cases. While for neutron this can come from momentum correction, why is it also the case for proton ?



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Hi All,

As you may know pass 2 has been completed for the RG-B spring2019 dataset. Unfortunately, we had some power outages due to flooding in our offices in Glasgow so I was only able to transfer over roughly 60% of spring 2019. On these 60% of spring2019 we see an improvement of:

  *   ~80% for J/psi produced on the proton ( ep_bound -> (e') e+ e- p ).
  *   ~50% for J/psi produced on the neutron ( en_bound -> (e') e+ e- n ).

I've attached some slides related showing the pass1/pass2 comparison. I'm going on holidays tomorrow so I won't be able to attend the next couple of meetings but please let me know by email if you have any questions. I think Silvia is intending to give an update at the collaboration meeting about pass 2 improvements in RG-B and I was also going to send her these slides.


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