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Tue Sep 5 16:54:15 EDT 2023

Pierre and Rafo,

You should mention RG-B J/psi with Richard as a lead.
There is a typo in the title of pages 3 and 4, it is 2018.

Thanks, Stepan

On Sep 5, 2023, at 4:44 PM, Pierre Chatagnon via Clas12_dileptons <clas12_dileptons at jlab.org<mailto:clas12_dileptons at jlab.org>> wrote:

Hello all,

Latifa asked to report at the first experiment meeting tomorrow.
Rafo and I put together some slides. They are attached to this email. It is mostly reporting on the impact of pass 2 for spring 2019 and for fall 2018 using the latest data that were released for validation today.
We also tried to summarize the ingredients needed to go further, for both Jpsi and TCS analysis.
Finally we summarized the 3 ongoing effort on RGA: Jpsi with electron and muon, TCS and tagged Jpsi.

Please let me know if you want some material to be added or if you have any comments on the content, and I can add this before the meeting tomorrow morning


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