[Clas12_software] gemc version 1.7

Maurizio Ungaro ungaro at jlab.org
Wed Oct 24 14:26:11 EDT 2012

gemc version 1.7 (rep. version 8777) is out and availiable on the CUE machines as well.

------------ New Features:

** Introducing a new option ALIGN_ZAXIS to align the primary particle z axis to a custom direction. Options:
      - "beamp"  aligns z axis to the beam directions specified by BEAM_P.
      - "custom, theta*unit, phi*unit" aligns z axis to a custom direction, changes BEAM_P reference frame.

With the new option the SPREAD_P will use the new coordinate system. See attached picture for an example.

** Adding styles to the GUI:


These are selectable at command line with the QTSTYLE option. Example: -QTSTYLE=QWindowsStyle

** Compilation: in addition to the default executable, gemc can now be compiled as a static or shared library with the scons option LIBRARY=static or shared

------------ Bug Fixes:

Fixed Set function in G4TrajectoryDrawByParticleID - passing particle name instead of charge

Explicit double > int conversions to make compiler happy

By default the values of MAX_[XYZ]_POS variable has been set to 30m instead of 7m. This 
allows for bigger setups than CLAS. WARNING: this may slow down the simulation so make sure to put reasonable limits in the gcard!

Fixed get_strings routine not to discard last element in the vector.

Fixed mysql i/o routine to account for get_string change

added energy sharing in HS hit process for aprime experiment

Fixed LUMI vertex and LUMI2 vertex positions.

Removed BMT from standard CLAS12 configuration until the geometry is stable

------------ Code Improvement 

New file string_utilities has been added. All string manipulations functions are being moved here. All headers are modified accordingly

Removing obsolete functions, better comments.

Improved routines run_control and MPrimaryGeneratorAction to read parameters from command line or gcard.

copy_parameters and copy_materials now working with GEMC_USER env. variable 

------------  Hit Process Routines

Cole Smith (EC):

Added stainless steel covers and foam to front of EC.  Changed z-offset to compensate.
Added scintillator light attenuation for ADC digitization using same attenuation coef as EC_reconstruction (lambda=376 cm).
Tweaked photoelectron statistics to match cosmic ray data MIP peak sigmas.
Added scintillator light attenuation for ADC digitization using lambda=376 cm. 
Tweaked photoelectron statistics to match PCAL measurements.
Made digitization code same as for EC for now to simplify. 


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