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sounds good to me!

On Oct 17, 2014, at 20:23, Amaryan, Moskov <MAmaryan at odu.edu<mailto:MAmaryan at odu.edu>> wrote:

Dear all,

It is my understanding that we can make few presentations from LMD group
at upcoming CLAS HSWG meeting. We can request one session to be devoted to our
LMD presentations. I expect the following:

1. eta->pi+pi-\gamma analysis status by Georgie
2. eta->pi+pi-pi0 analysis status by Diane
3. Invisible decay of eta by Haiyun
4. omega->pi+pi-pi0 by Chris

MK will give a presentation on plenary session about his analysis on pi0 photoproduction.

If you agree, please let me know and we can request a time.

Best regards,

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Subject: [Clas_hadron] Next CLAS Hadron Spectroscopy WG meeting
Date: October 17, 2014 at 6:01:47 AM EDT
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Dear All,
the next meeting of the Hadron Spectroscopy working group will take
place on Friday November 14 2014, in room L102, as part of the CLAS
collaboration meeting.
Please let me know if you would like to present a contribution to the
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