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Susan Schadmand s.schadmand at fz-juelich.de
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Dear LMDers,

it turns out that BESIII is presenting a number of results on etaprime decays.

Helas, BESIII has a measurement of eta'->eeg, see http://inspirehep.net/record/1364494
where both branching ratio (BR) and transition form factor (TFF) are looked at. These can and should be improved, but would need more statistics than we have. This is what we are planning for CLAS12.

Also, there is nice results for  eta'->pi+p-g albeit not yet on the archives? Christoph Hanhart showed a BESIII talk to me with beautiful results. He said they would be eager to have a second measurement. So my questions are:
* Where do we stand on this channel, for etaprime?
* Can we show something on the Hadron conference, in MK's talk?
* What would Georgie have shown?

Another most interesting decay is eta'->pipiee. Is that worth looking at statitstically?

Finally, we had a quick look at our current etaprime data for eta'->omega ee. It was pointed out that we have not been looking at that while BESIII has published a branching ratio: http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.06734
The reasons why we do not have that in our program:
* It it is not so interesting to look at the TFF because the omega takes away most of the energy, means you have a limited mass range for e+e-. Accordingly, the branching ratio is not significantly influenced by TFF.
* We do not have a lot of statistics for etaprime with dileptons in the final state, insignificant at the missing mass range MMpee ~ Momega.


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