[Clas_lmd] CLAS Collaboration Meeting

Michael C. Kunkel mkunkel at jlab.org
Fri Feb 13 03:15:04 EST 2015


I am presenting an update about our LMD group at the HSWG meeting on 
Thursday February 19, 2015.
Please send me some slides that I can use to show them our progress. 
Keep in mind that these slides will also be the basis of our DPG and APS 
talk that I will be giving to let the world know of our awesome program.

Please send your slides as soon as you can so that we can discuss them.

Michael C. Kunkel, PhD
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Nuclear Physics Institute and Juelich Center for Hadron Physics
Experimental Hadron Structure (IKP-1)

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