[Clas_members] Last day of CLAS shift swaps

Dan Protopopescu d.protopopescu at physics.gla.ac.uk
Mon Dec 14 08:51:36 EST 2009

Dear CLAS Members,

There is only day left of shifts swaps for 'Domestic' institutes.
The swap period will end on Dec 15.

I would like to remind you that everyone can sign up for shifts and 
then swap them around if they wish. Signing up early is strongly
encouraged. Please also sign up for the few FSU shifts that are
left for 2009.

Swaps between normal shifts and downtime shifts are not allowed by
our swap rules, so the interface will not offer this option.

The recommended practice, especially if travel to Jlab is involved,
is to couple downtime shifts with normal shifts and be on-site
for the whole period, just in case there is a last minute change
in the schedule and _all_ the shifts have to actually be staffed. 

Learn more by reading the Instructions & FAQ at:

Please log in to manage your shifts at:

Best regards,
Dan Protopopescu
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