[Clas_members] Updates for "Nucleon Resonance studies with CLAS12" experiment

Viktor Mokeev mokeev at jlab.org
Mon Dec 21 11:15:26 EST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

The upcoming Program Advisory Committee, PAC35, will grade our Proposal 
"Nucleon Resonance Studies with CLAS12," which was approved for 60 days running 
by PAC34.   This is a very important step both for us and for the entire CLAS 
Collaboration.  Please find attached our write up on the recent progress on the 
work scoped in our proposal

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Since the due date for submitting 
the document Jan 5, 2010, we would appreciate it very much, if you could 
provide your input before New Year's Day.  Please send the comments to 
mokeev at jlab.org

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                            Spokepersons: V.Burkert,

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