[Clas_members] OLTWG Meeting

Dennis Weygand weygand at jlab.org
Thu Nov 5 11:44:30 EST 2009

Some weeks ago the plan to upgrade the CLAS6 offline repository and  
build system was presented to the collaboration. Since that time  
efforts have been made to implement
and troubleshoot this new system. The following request was made by  
the CCC:

  "The Offline Technical Working Group should meet  with Dennis  
Weygand and members of his group, detector experts, and analysis  
coordinators to evaluate the progress of the transition. Input from  
remote users will be very important and appreciated."

This meeting will be held on Thursday, November 12. All interested  
parties should plan to attend, either directly or through a phone  
Contact information is as follows:

Toll Free Domestic Access Number: 877-643-6951
International Access: 302-709-8424
Conference code: 24630562#
This meeting will be help in CC A110.

D.P. Weygand

Dennis Weygand
weygand at jlab.org
(757) 269-5926

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