[Clas_members] Dry runs for PAC36 presentations

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Tue Aug 17 07:27:06 EDT 2010

We will have dry runs tomorrow, Wednesday 8/18 for the PAC36 presentations.
Time: 1:30pm, room  CC L102/L104.


    - E12-06-113: Structure functions of the free neutron, Stephen 
Bueltman (full proposal presentation)

    - E12-06-109: The longitudinal Spin Structure of the Nucleon, 
Sebastian Kuhn (3 slides)

    - E12-06-106: Study of Color transparency in Exclusive Vector Meson 
Electroproduction off Nuclei, Kawtar Hafidi
      (3 slides, via phone)

    - E12-06-117: Quark Propagation and Hadron Formation, Will Brooks (3 
slides, via phone)

Please attend if you are on-site. Others are encouraged to request the 
slides and send comments to the presenters. 

Note, that the PAC36 presentations are very are important. They will 
impact the scientific rating and beam time assignments.

Volker Burkert

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