[Clas_members] CLAS Shifts Sign up

Dan Protopopescu d.protopopescu at physics.gla.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 17:05:56 EST 2010

Dear all,

Shifts sign up is open for CLAS institutes as follows:
- Foreign and Domestic: as soon as their swap periods start
- Local: right after the swaps are done

When the signup is active, you will have in the menu (after
login) an 'Assign shifts' or 'Sign-up for shifts' button. If the 
button is there, then the option is active. It is recommended
to assign names on shifts as soon as possible. Please note
that users can choose and sign-up for their shifts themselves.

Trades are active at all times, and any trade is possible once
both parties agree.

Please review the Instructions & FAQ at:
Please log in to manage your shifts at:

Best regards,
Dan Protopopescu

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