[Clas_members] CLAS farm processing coordination

Dennis Weygand weygand at jlab.org
Tue Jan 5 10:14:27 EST 2010

Happy New Year everyone:

I am happy to report that the g12 run group has finished the bulk of pass1 cooking, and hopefully there will be no pass 2.
However, something that has become clear from the farm processing demands at the end of 2009 is that we need to better
coordinate CLAS farm processing demands.

So- my New Years resolution for 2010 is to do better coordination: to this end I would like to plan bi-weekly meetings to assess
predicted farm usage for subsequent two-week periods.

The first meeting will be this Thursday, Jan 7 at 10:00 and held this week in CC-F228 (subsequent meetings will be in CC-B101)
I expect anyone or group analysis coordinators to attend who plans to do significant farm processing in the subsequent two-week period.

Call-in information is as follows:

	Telephone access: 1-877-643-6951 International: 1-302-607-2017 Passcode: 24630562#

Sorry to add yet another meeting, but I hope this will result in greater efficiency.


Dennis Weygand
weygand at jlab.org
(757) 269-5926

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