[Clas_members] Revised PAC37 tasks

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Tue Sep 14 15:43:52 EDT 2010

Sorry, I forgot to mention a third aspect PAC37 has to deal with.
Here is the revised message:

Dear Colleagues,JLab management has decided that PAC37 will deal only with the
following aspects of the 12 GeV program:

1) Scientific rating and approval of beam time for approved 12 GeV
experiments of the category "Standard model tests".  The "3D structure
of the nucleon" category (GPDs, TMDs, etc.) will not be part of PAC37
and will be moved to the following PAC38 meeting.

2) New proposals for the 12 GeV era of any category.

3) Proposals that were previously "conditionally approved".
Best regards,
Volker Burkert

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