[Clas_members] information

Marco Ripani Marco.Ripani at ge.infn.it
Tue Jan 18 11:00:42 EST 2011

Dear collaborators,
due to a file system crash, I did not receive e-mail messages sent 
between 6:45 PM EST of January 16 (00:45 AM Central European time of 
January 17) and 11:50 AM EST (5:50 PM Central European time of January 
17). They are being recovered by the computer center at my institute, 
but there is the chance that some message may be completely lost. If you 
sent me a message within that time frame and are waiting for an answer, 
please send it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Marco Ripani
Senior Scientist, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Genova
Via Dodecaneso 33
tel./fax 39-010-3536458
cell. 39-328-2191138
Jlab office room F244
tel. 1-757-269-7266  fax 1-757-269-6273
E-Mail: ripani at ge.infn.it

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