[clas_members] Mini Lehman review

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Thu Jun 2 08:09:27 EDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we had a DOE Lehman review at Jefferson Lab that included a 
tour with DOE representative Jim Hawkins and the DOE site office on 
Tuesday and a phone review on Wednesday. The review focused on CLAS12, 
and covered part of the Hall D solenoid magnet.  JLab presentations were 
given by Claus Rode for the 12 GeV project and Latifa representing the 
12GeV upgrade of Hall B. Also present were JLab director Hugh 
Montgomery, and Glenn Young and Allison Lung for the project, and Dave 
Kashy and I from Hall B. Latifa's presentation focused on the 
superconducting magnets (Torus and Solenoid), the Silicon Vertex Tracker 
(SVT), the drift chambers, and the High Threshold Cerenkov Counter 
(HTCC). In all of these critical elements of CLAS12 very significant 
progress has been made.  Latifa's presentation was well received. The 
review went extremely well resulting in no recommendations and positive 
comments by Danny Lehman on the status of the Hall B upgrade. This 
review has been another step towards completing our exciting CLAS12 
project on time.

I wish to thank everyone on the Hall B staff and the collaboration for 
the excellent progress made since the last review in December 2010 that 
helped Latifa make a convincing case that Hall B is on track for 
completion of the upgrade project and the start of commissioning by 
October 2014.

Volker Burkert

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