[clas_members] Physics beyond the first 5 years of running at 12GeV

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Sat Nov 26 21:22:31 EST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

A few weeks ago you received the email below from Rolf Ent regarding a 
strategic planning exercise the Lab is conducting. The Physics Division 
will organize a first town meeting on December 8, where physics 
opportunities beyond the first 5 years of experiments at 12GeV can be 
presented. I think it is best if the collaboration make a coherent 
presentation about physics beyond the first 5 years. We can decide later 
who should present this at the town meeting, but for now I suggest that 
you send me your ideas in the form of 1 or 2 slides so I can try to make 
a coherent package out of it.  The slides should have the following 
minimum information on it:

1) The exciting physics case

2) What instrumentation would be needed  in addition to (or replacing 
part of) the base equipment, assuming BMT, FMT, FT, CND, RICH (1sector) 
are already part of CLAS12.

3) Is a luminosity upgrade required (e.g. to go to L= (3-10)x10^35)?
  Double DVCS comes to mind as a potential program.

4) Is a modest machine energy upgrade needed, for example to go to 
~16GeV. This might allow
sufficiently high rates for J/Psi physics and open charm production.

5) A rough estimate  of rates and required beam time

6) What institutions might be interested to participate

7) .........

Please send me your thoughts as soon as possible, but not later than the 
end of the week. If you plan to send me some slide(s) by the weekend, 
let me know by Tuesday so we can do some planning.

Best regards,

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Subject: 	[Cuga] Physics Division Town Meeting - Draft Agenda- A message 
from Rolf Ent
Date: 	Wed, 09 Nov 2011 10:15:34 -0500
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Dear JLab Users,

  	As mentioned at this year's Users Group Meeting, the lab is
starting a strategic plan exercise. The Physics Division plans to have
their town meeting on December 8th. This town meeting is completely
voluntary, and please know that this is one of many opportunities for
JLab users to have input.

  	Please see attached a file with as page one a draft agenda.
As you will see, we left a potential 6-9 slots for short (5 + 5)
presentations, to be requested to me (ent at jlab.org) by the staff&
user community. Obviously, we may need to merge similar requests,
and need to apply an appropriately high threshold commensurate with
a long-term strategic planning exercise.

  	Page two is an e-mail from Bob McKeown announcing the exercise
and the goal, and page three is the general format of the town
meetings, where our final product will be a filled-in form along
those lines of about 5 pages.

  				Best regards,	Rolf

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