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Amaryan, Moskov MAmaryan at odu.edu
Fri Oct 21 10:41:34 EDT 2011

Dear authors of the draft of the comment paper,

We are surprised reading about entire new discussion 
about g12 data.
Perhaps you have forgotten that the analysis of g12 data
has been performed by us, reported to the g12 working
group and summarized in a note sent to the review committee
already in April 2010. Please find it in the attachment. 
While in general g12 has collected more data, nevertheless due 
to the fact that it was designed to run at high photon energy, the
lower energy photons were suppressed and only due to the three-prong
track events trigger (proposed by us) we have some data in the region
of 2GeV (where our signal has been observed in g11 data).
We found, that unfortunately in this energy region, g12 has factor 
of 2 less data. Therefore the statement about the superiority of g12
experiment has to be removed and the whole chapter about 
reproducibility has to be omitted to avoid challenging it publicly.

Best regards,

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