[clas_members] call for joining the Omega/Cascade CLAS12 Proposal

Lei Guo lguo at jlab.org
Mon Apr 2 22:35:35 EDT 2012

Dear All,

We would like to invite those of you who are interested in joining our  
CLAS12 proposal of "photoproduction of the very strange baryons at  
CLAS12", studying the S=-2 and S=-3 hyperons at CLAS12, using the  
forward tagger. The proposed experiment will run concurrently with the  
approved clas12 meson spectroscopy experiment, and expected to yield  
enough statistics to study the differential cross sections of Omega-,  
its production mechanism, Xi- polarization, and possibly determine the  
quantum numbers of excited cascades. The proposal will be ready for  
the collaboration review by the end of this week, and all of you are  
welcome to join us. We have our weekly meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday.  
FOr more information, please check our wiki page of http://clasweb.jlab.org/wiki/index.php/CLAS12_Xi%2A/Omega-
Meeting minutes, proposal files and meeting time/location are all  
available on the wiki page.

Please let me know if you want to be included on our proposal, and  
send me your name/institution.

Thanks a lot and cheers!

Michael Dugger
Johann Goetz
Lei Guo
Eugene Pasyuk
Igor Strakovsky
Veronique Ziegler
Daniel Watts

And the Very Strange Collaboration
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