[clas_members] request of service work on SVT

Silvia Niccolai silvia at jlab.org
Wed Jul 11 07:08:17 EDT 2012

Hello all, 
the team working on the SVT is looking for help (see email below for
details). If anyone is interested and available for this kind of task, 
please contact Yuri (gotra at jlab.org) and myself (for information): it 
will be a very useful service work for the collaboration. 
Best regards, 
Silvia (Service Work Committee)

> Dear Silvia,
> I would like to request help for the SVT project on a level of
> postdoc/grad student. This work is related to
> electrical testing of the SVT modules, cosmic ray tests, SVT
> commissioning, and data analysis. Preferably
> with minimal knowledge of c++ and root framework.
>  Thank you,
>                       Yuri

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