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burkert burkert at jlab.org
Thu Jul 19 15:53:08 EDT 2012

For your info,
CLAS results make it into textbook.
Volker Burkert

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Subject: 	BONUS plot makes textbook!
Date: 	Thu, 19 Jul 2012 14:14:38 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Cynthia Keppel <keppel at jlab.org>
To: 	Volker Burkert <burkert at z.jlab.org>

Hi Volker,

This is a nice thing - BONUS will soon officially be textbook physics :) See below...

Best regards,

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From: "Chris Quigg" <quigg at fnal.gov>
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Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 4:23:53 PM
Subject: Permission request

Dear Thia,

The manuscript of my new edition of Gauge Theories is in the hands of the production
people at Princeton University Press, so I must collect the formal permissions to reproduce
figures included in the text. I have enclosed as a PDF file the request form favored by the
Press. May I ask you to write "Permission granted" on the second page, and sign and date it
and return it to me. If it is easy for you, it would be particularly convenient if you could scan
the signed copy and email it back to me as a pdf file. Otherwise, US mail is fine.

I thank you again for your help, and especially for providing the special version of the figure.

Best wishes,


Chris Quigg
Theoretical Physics, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
P.O. Box 500, Batavia, Illinois 60510 USA
+1 630.840.3578 Fax +1 630.840.5435 http://lutece.fnal.gov

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