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Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Sun Mar 11 21:07:47 EDT 2012

Dear CLAS Collaborators,

You may have heard about the data mining project, which was initiated by the ODU group (Larry Weinstein, Gagik Gavalian and others are heading up this project) which appears to be making good progress.  This project was focussed on the data from nuclear target experiments at CLAS.  Dave Ireland has proposed that some of us in the CLAS Collaboration might want to follow up on this idea and look into the possibility of archiving data from the other experiments (e.g. proton target runs) in a similar way.  In order to avoid duplication of effort, I suggest that anyone who is interested in this idea to contact Dave Ireland, Volker Crede, Igor Strakovsky or myself so that we can begin discussion of this idea.

Since this is a mass email, I won't include more details here, but more information can be sent to those who request it.

Best regards,

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