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Dear Colleagues,

FYI, Biplab Dey has received the JSA/UGBoD thesis prize for 2011 for his 
on the Kaon-hyperon analysis of G11 data.

Congratulations to Biplab!


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Dear Volker,
Just wanted to let you know about this, and thanks much again for the 
Best regards,

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Dear Biplab,

on behalf of the User Group Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to 
tell you that you are the winner of the 2011 Ph.D. Thesis Prize of the 
Jefferson Lab User group. Congratulations!

As is our tradition, we invite you to give a presentation at the 
upcoming user group annual meeting in June 4-6. We have scheduled a 30 
min. talk (including discussion) on a topic of your choice, on Monday 
June 4 afternoon. We will have an official presentation of the prize 
right before this at the UG business meeting. I very much hope you will 
be able to attend - we do have some money to support your travel.

We will be in contact with you about the details (money transfer, travel 
to the UG meeting, etc.) soon - meanwhile, let me congratulate you again 
and send you my best greetings -

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