[clas_members] Celebration dinner

Hicks, Kenneth hicks at ohio.edu
Tue May 29 22:39:38 EDT 2012

 Dear CLAS members and Colleagues,

On Friday, June 15, there will be an end-of-CLAS-running party directly following a short plenary session of the CLAS Collaboration meeting.  This will be held on the lawn behind the Residence Facility, weather permitting.  (A tent will be set up in case of light rain, and the party will be moved inside to the common area of the Residence Facility in the event of severe weather.)  The party will start at 5:00 pm. and end by 7:30 pm.

 The cost for the party is $25 for regular members and $10 for students.  This includes dinner (with some vegetarian options) and drinks (both soft-drinks and stronger stuff). The fee can be paid through the regular registration website (the link will be available soon) for the collaboration meeting.  This will be a great celebration and we hope that everyone will sign up.

 Guests are also welcome, for the same fee.  Guests can pay using the same website by checking the box for the Friday dinner (and opting out of the CLAS registration fee).

 Just prior to the party, there will be a few short talks in the CEBAF Center Auditorium about the beginnings of CLAS, which will be held from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. Then we'll go to Hall B for a group photo, and on to the party grounds.  After time to eat and drink, some light remarks will be made by people who know the real secrets to how CLAS got started!

 If you have any questions, please contact Raffaella DeVita, (devita at jlab.org) who is overseeing the planning of the Friday dinner.

 Best regards,

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