[clas_members] SoS reminder - one month left!

Silvia Niccolai silvia at jlab.org
Fri Sep 21 04:49:04 EDT 2012

Hello all,
I remind you that October 21st is the deadline for the submission of your 
Statements of Service. 
Each collaboration member can update the web interface with his own 
contribution to the CLAS and CLAS12 service work for 2012 as well as his 
estimates for 2013.

**Don't wait for the deadline to pass!**

If you have any doubts about what can be counted as service work or 
on how to estimate the FTEs please check the FAQ page of the SWC: 
and/or feel free to contact me.

If you have any problems with the web interface, send am email to shiftbot at jlab.org .

I remind you also that Ken has set up a sign-up web page with some tasks 
that need to be fulfilled for the various CLAS12 detector systems. If you 
are looking for a SW project for 2013, that's the place to go: once 
you're logged in into the web interface, go to "Options menu" and then to 
"CLAS12 tasks".

Best regards,
Silvia (SWC chair)

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