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Dear CLAS Collaborators,

Congratulations to lead authors Orr Hen, H. Hakobyan, R. Shneor, Eli Piasetzky and Larry Weinstein on the publication of this paper.  The relevant links are given in the email below, and our publications website has been updated.

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Subject: Article tracking [PLB_29330] - Final version published online
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Article title: Measurement of transparency ratios for protons from short-range correlated pairs
Reference: PLB29330
Journal title: Physics Letters B
Corresponding author: Mr. O. Hen
First author: Mr. O. Hen
Final version published online: 23-APR-2013
Full bibliographic details: Physics Letters B 722 (2013), pp. 63-68
DOI information: 10.1016/j.physletb.2013.04.011

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