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Dear CLAS members,

Please see the good news below from Reinhard and Kei.  Congratulations to them! And thanks to the committees who reviewed this paper.

Best regards,

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Hello CLAS Collaborators,

     Our paper on the line shape of the Lambda(1405) has been accepted for publication by Physical Review C.  It was submitted on January 24,
2013 and accepted 3 weeks later.  We are in the process of responding to 
minor formatting issues raised by the journal editor.    The arXiv 
version is 1301.5000 [nucl-ex].  Thank you all for helping shape this paper into its final form.

Best Regards,
Reinhard and Kei

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Subject: Your_manuscript CA10319 Moriya
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Re: CA10319
     Measurement of the  Sigma  pi  photoproduction line shapes near the
     Lambda (1405)
     by K. Moriya, R. A. Schumacher, K. P. Adhikari, et al.

Dear Dr. Moriya,

We shall be glad to publish the above manuscript in the Physical Review.  However, we would like to bring the comments of the referee to your attention (see below) before we begin processing the paper.

As soon as we receive your response, we will proceed with the publication of your manuscript.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher Wesselborg
Managing Editor
Physical Review C
Email: prc at ridge.aps.org

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