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Dear all,
    Any suggestions for an excellent DNP thesis price nominee?

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Any suggestions from the User Community?


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Message to APS DNP members, authorized by Ben Gibson,
Secretary-Treasurer of DNP

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                    CALL FOR NOMINATIONS
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DEADLINE - 1 July 2013

The Division of Nuclear Physics solicits nominations for the Dissertation Award
in Nuclear Physics.

This Award is intended to recognize a recent Ph. D. in nuclear physics.   The
Award consists of $2500 plus an allowance for travel to the Fall Meeting of
the Division of Nuclear Physics, at which time the award will be presented.

Nominations are open to any person who has received a Ph. D. degree in
experimental or theoretical nuclear physics from a North American university
within the two year period preceding 1 July 2013.  Nominations of women and
members of other under-represented groups are encouraged.

Submit prior to 1 July 2013 the nomination of the proposed candidate, a
statement of her/his contribution to the research as well as that of others, and
a letter of support from physicists who are familiar with the candidate and the
research.  To expedite the process, copies of the thesis (preferably a pdf)
should be made available for the five committee members.  Materials should
be sent to the committee chair Berndt Mueller.  His postal address is Duke
University, Department of Physics, P.O. Box 90305, Durham, NC 27708-2570.
His email address is<mueller at phy.duke.edu>

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