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Hello al,
Some interesting response and thoughts on the Science paper for the 

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imbalanced Fermi systems, SRC vs. MEC
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Dear Mont, Rolf and Bob,

We thought you might be interested in seeing that our Science paper is 
attracting a lot of interest in the neutrino community.

Larry and Or

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Subject: [nu-xsec newsletter] arXiv:1412.0138, momentum imbalanced Fermi 
systems, SRC vs. MEC
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Hi all,

There is a cool paper from JLab folks (Or Hen et al),

Conclusion, due to short range correlation (SRC),
in neutron rich nuclei, averaged momentum of protons is higher than 

The key of this is, SRC correlation is predominantly neutron-proton 
(n-p) pair.
Also, they have higher momentum over Fermi sea.
Because of this, neutrons have lower averaged momentum in neutron rich 
I like this cartoon explanation using dance party (Fig 1).
Here, girls are neutrons and boys are protons.
Say, the party is dominated by girls, then average boys dance more than 
average girls,
because boy-girl interactions make boys to dance more.
(OK, I don't need your counterexample from your party experiences!).

I found their signal and backgrounds definition is very interesting 
(Fig. S13, from supplement)
Apparently, MEC is the background of SRC measurement.
IC (isobar configuration) is the another kind of background for SRC 
This process is what ArgoNeuT people think as the origin of their 
"hammer" events.
So we identify IC as an exclusive channel but we don't distinguish SRC 
and MEC?
At low x, MEC is dominant. That is why JLab experiments choose special 
kinematics (x > 1.2)
to suppress MEC to measure SRC.
This makes me to think how much measured SRC features at high x
are applied to nucleons to simulate MEC, which is low x physics.
But both Martini et al and Carlson et al pointed out nucleons in MEC are 
also n-p pairs.
Carlson et al also showed SRC is the source to get cross-section 
So SRC seems the source of MEC..., hmm.

Seems to me electron scattering people studied these many years.
For example, Ryckebusch et al showed SRC and MEC have very similar final 
state nucleon distributions.
(so again, you have to go large x region to isolate SRC).

Anyway, it looks SRC is the golden age.
It is important for neutrino cross-section,
astrophysics (neutron rich system, this paper),
high energy physics (EMC effect),
even cold atom is related to SRC...

Dr. Teppei Katori
Queen Mary University of London
e-mail: t.katori at qmul.ac.uk <mailto:t.katori at qmul.ac.uk>

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