[clas_members] Speaking opportunities

Brian A Raue baraue at fiu.edu
Fri Feb 21 10:26:25 EST 2014

Dear CLAS members,
We have a couple of requests for speakers:

One is for the DIS 2014 Workshop in Warsaw, Poland.  The dates are 28 
April to 2 May.  I have attached the solicitation below.

The other is for the 6th Asia Pacific Few Body Conference near Adelaid, 
Australia.  The dates for that are April 7-11.  I have attached that 
solicitation below as well.

If you want to go or have a recommendation for a candidate, please let 
me know.

Dear members of the CLAS Speaker's bureau,

  I am writing to you as a member of the working group of the DIS 2014 
dedicated to Spin (WG 6), cf.
  I would like first to recall that the deadline for abstract submission is
approaching (March the first).
  I also would be interested in knowing about your plans for DIS and the 
of speakers you would foresee for the Spin session. This session 
hosts presentations on GPDs and TMDs (in parallel with the "Structure 
session, for the latter). And I know that CLAS has been active in these two

Yann Bedfer
Few Body
Dear CSC,

I have been invited for a talk on BONuS results at the
 > 6th Asia Paficic Few Body Conference in Handorf near Adelaide,
 > April 7-11 this year:
 > http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/cssm/workshops/apfb2014/
 > All invited talks are 25+5 minutes.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to go - I have asked Tony and he would be 
happy for someone else to give the talk. Maybe you can try to find 
someone - I have asked the BONuS people; the only response I got was 
Slava Tkachenko who said there is a SMALL possibility he can go.

- Sebastian

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