[clas_members] Fwd: old /work disks

Harut Avakian avakian at jlab.org
Thu Jul 3 11:03:49 EDT 2014

Dear CLAS Collaborators,

Computer center will retire the 5-year-old Sun Fire Thor disk servers sfs59 and sfs62
and replace them with new hardware, only active projects will be migrated.
Please reply back on what filesystems from the list below from these 2 systems
need to be migrated into the 12 GeV era.

NAME                        USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT

xport/hallb/clas12         281G   219G   281G  /export/hallb/clas12
export/hallb/clase1dvcs    3.26T   243G  3.26T  /export/hallb/clase1dvcs
export/hallb/clase2         666G   358G   666G  /export/hallb/clase2
export/hallb/clase6         616G   408G   616G  /export/hallb/clase6
export/hallb/claseg1dvcs   3.99T  14.8G  3.99T  /export/hallb/claseg1dvcs
export/hallb/claseg3        910G   114G   910G  /export/hallb/claseg3
export/hallb/claseg4        942G  1.08T   942G  /export/hallb/claseg4
export/hallb/claseg5       2.69T  1.31T  2.69T  /export/hallb/claseg5
export/hallb/claseg6       1.61T  1.39T  1.61T  /export/hallb/claseg6
export/hallb/clasg10        558G   192G   558G  /export/hallb/clasg10
export/hallb/clasg11        549G   201G   549G  /export/hallb/clasg11
export/hallb/clasg12       2.70T   307G  2.70T  /export/hallb/clasg12
export/hallb/clasg13       2.43T   579G  2.43T  /export/hallb/clasg13
export/hallb/bonus              571G   453G   571G  /export/hallb/bonus
export/hallb/clas-farm-output   403G  66.8G   403G  /export/hallb/clas-farm-output
export/hallb/clas-production    385G  34.7G   385G  /export/hallb/clas-production
export/hallb/clas-production2   420G  24.6M   420G  /export/hallb/clas-production2
export/hallb/clas-production3   543G  17.5G   543G  /export/hallb/clas-production3
export/hallb/clas12            1.02T  1002G  1.02T  /export/hallb/clas12
export/hallb/clase1            87.5G  37.5G  87.5G  /export/hallb/clase1
export/hallb/clase1-6          1.33T   179G  1.33T  /export/hallb/clase1-6
export/hallb/clase1dvcs2       2.81T  1.19T  2.81T  /export/hallb/clase1dvcs2
export/hallb/clase1f            268G   756G   268G  /export/hallb/clase1f
export/hallb/clase5            30.8G   469G  30.8G  /export/hallb/clase5
export/hallb/claseg1           1.32T   698G  1.32T  /export/hallb/claseg1
export/hallb/clasg14           1.15T  2.85T  1.15T  /export/hallb/clasg14
export/hallb/clasg3            27.7G   472G  27.7G  /export/hallb/clasg3
export/hallb/clasg7            4.69G  95.3G  4.69G  /export/hallb/clasg7
export/hallb/clasg8             112G   388G   112G  /export/hallb/clasg8
export/hallb/clasg9             987G  1.04T   987G  /export/hallb/clasg9
export/hallb/clashps            327G  2.68T   327G  /export/hallb/clashps

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