[clas_members] Phys Rev Lett for CLAS Lambda(1405) spin parity result

David Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Tue Mar 4 09:16:32 EST 2014

Dear Collaborators,

The letter by Kei Moriya, Reinhard Schumacher et al. " Spin and Parity 
Measurement of the Lambda(1405) Baryon" , has been published as Physical 
Review Letters 112, 082004 (2014).  This paper was selected as an 
"Editors' Suggestion" at PRL for being particularly interesting or well 
written.  It is presently on the front page the the APS web site at 
http://journals.aps.org/prl/  .

Congratulations to Kei and Reinhard for this achievement.

Best wishes,


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