[clas_members] PANIC 2014

Brian Raue baraue at fiu.edu
Thu Mar 6 12:47:21 EST 2014

Dear CLAS Members,
There are several conferences coming up this year that are suitable for CLAS talks.  One is PANIC 2014, which will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 25-29 of August.  If you would like to the CSC to solicit an invitation for you at PANIC (or an other 2014 conference/workshop) please let me know.  If you have suggestions for other people to give talks, also let me know.
A partial list of 2014 conferences and workshops can be found on the CSC pages linked off the main CLAS page.  Right now the link from there to request a talk is broken but you can access the form from the shiftbot page. I will try to get the list of conferences updated in the next few days so be sure to check back frequently.

Brian Raue
on behalf of the CLAS Speakers Committee
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