[clas_members] Collaboration meeting follow-up

Dave Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Thu Nov 20 07:47:57 EST 2014

Dear CLAS collaborators,

 From last week's meeting, there were three items that potentially 
require some action from you:

1. Changes to CLAS charter
2. Proposals for improving Analysis Reviews
3. Next meeting in Catania

Since not everyone in the collaboration was present, I promised to send 
round some notes about these.

1. Changes to CLAS charter:
A working party led by Michel Garcon was charged with reviewing the 
current collaboration charter and by-laws, with the aim of developing 
revisions that would be appropriate for the future operation of the 
collaboration. They have produced suggested alterations, and now is the 
time for consultation with the whole collaboration. See below for the 
link to documentation.

After this initial consultation period, a new charter (and associated 
by-laws) will be produced and proposed at the time of the next 
collaboration meeting (February). Following a further round of 
consultation, a vote will be held at the June collaboration meeting on 
whether to adopt the new documents.

As this should be as open a discussion as possible, please send any 
comments to me, but also to the clas comments mailing list 
[clascomment at jlab.org], so they can be seen by all.*Deadline for 
submitted comments: Friday December 5, 2014*

2. Proposals for improving Analysis Reviews:
In order to address perceived problems with current analysis reviews, as 
well as to develop a process that will be fit for purpose for 12GeV 
running, a working party led by Larry Weinstein has reviewed current 
practices and come up with proposals for improvements. Some of the ideas 
will be trialled in the Hadron Spectroscopy Working Group for the g12 
run group analyses, and we envisage gradually evolving this process.

One key proposal is to produce a guideline for what an analysis note 
should contain before being submitted for review, and it is on this that 
I would like your input. A draft Analysis Note Outline has been compiled 
by the working party, and I would like to receive comments / suggestions 
on this. One possible end point may be that there could be a by-law to 
the effect that analyses need to conform to this outline.

Again, please send any comments to me and to the clas comments mailing 
list [clascomment at jlab.org]. *Deadline for submitted comments: Friday 
December 5, 2014*

3. Next meeting in Catania:
The local organising committee for the meeting will need to be able to 
estimate the number of participants. Many of you will have filled in the 
previous doodle poll that I set up:
If you did not, or you have changed your mind about attending, please 
ensure that you do this before *Monday 24 Novemmber*.

The relevant material for the Charter and the Reviews can be found via 
the links on the CLAS chair wiki:
under the heading "Issues for discussion"

Best wishes,


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