[clas_members] Abstracts for new CLAS proposals

Dave Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Mon Apr 13 07:36:01 EDT 2015

Dear CLAS collaborators,

So far, I have had one abstract for a new proposal. If anyone else is 
likely to submit a new proposal (either for a new run period, or with an 
existing run period), please let me know a.s.a.p..

Note that Letters of Intent don't need to reach me before May 4.

Best wishes,


On 04/03/15 16:37, David Ireland wrote:
> Dear CLAS Collaborators,
> May I remind you that if you are intending to submit a new CLAS
> proposal, I would like an abstract (however brief) by April 13. This
> will allow me to work with the appropriate working group chairs to
> convene review committees. This applies equally to proposals that are
> likely to be part of existing run groups.
> The schedule for the process can be found on the Chair's wiki:
> https://wiki.jlab.org/clas_chair/index.php/Main_Page
> Best wishes,
> Dave
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