[clas_members] New CLAS Charter and Bylaws

David Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 15:46:35 EST 2015

Dear CLAS collaborators,

As mentioned at the last collaboration meeting, a working party has been 
looking at the collaboration charter and bylaws. The purpose of this has 
been to ensure that these documents are appropriate for the 12GeV phase 
of operations. After a period of consultation before the end of the 
year, the working party have drafted a proposed new charter, with 
associated bylaws. The original charter was taken as a starting point. 
The new documents for consideration can be found at:

I would like to thank the working party for their work on this. Michel 
Garçon chaired the process, assisted by Kevin Giovanetti, Kawtar Hafidi, 
Bryan McKinnon and Reinhard Schumacher.

As the collaboration meeting next week will not be attended by everyone, 
I do not intend to discuss this during the meeting. Rather, could I 
encourage you to review the proposals and comment on them. To ensure an 
open debate, please post any suggestions to the clascomment mailing list.

In the event that there are no issues, we will vote on approving the new 
charter and bylaws at the collaboration meeting in June (in accordance 
with the rules of the current charter!).

Best wishes,


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