[clas_members] "Exclusive Meson Production and Short-Range Hadron Structure", Jan 22-24, 2015, Jefferson Lab, Newport News, VA

Valery Kubarovsky vpk at jlab.org
Wed Jan 7 17:47:18 EST 2015

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce that workshop "Exclusive Meson Production and Short-Range Hadron Structure"
will take place on January 22-24 at Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, VA.


Exclusive meson production processes at high momentum transfer are an essential tool in mapping the nucleon's generalized parton distributions (GPDs) and exploring other aspects of short-range hadron structure (correlations, angular momentum). They complement the information obtained from deeply-virtual Compton scattering by probing specific spin/flavor components of the GPDs and can measure structures that are difficult to access otherwise (gluons, transversity). Substantial progess has been made in the QCD-based theory and analysis of meson production in the last few years, especially in probing quark transversity with pi0 and eta, and gluonic structure with phi and J/psi. A program of targeted experiments in hard exclusive meson production will be performed at JLab with the 12 GeV Upgrade in Hall A, Hall B (CLAS12) and Hall C. The aims of the workshop are to:

Identify outstanding issues in hadron structure that can be addressed with exclusive meson production at high Q2 and/or high t;
Review the experimental tools (detection, polarization, L/T separation) available at JLab12 and the needs for further development;
Discuss theoretical approaches to exclusive meson production, new ideas, and directions for further theoretical studies;
Identify synergies and complementarity between already approved experiments, also between DVCS and meson production.

Topics include:

- Mechanism of high-Q2 meson production in QCD and experimental tests
- Exclusive pi0, eta and quark transversity GPDs
- Exclusive pi+, K+ and meson form factors
- L/T separation at JLab with 11 GeV
- Exclusive rho0, rho+, omega and their interpretation
- Exclusive phi, J/psi and gluonic structure
- Polarization observables for pseudoscalar and vector mesons
- Novel QCD approaches to high-t processes
- Backward meson production and applications
Registration is free of charge.



F.-X. Girod (JLab)
T. Horn (Catholic U.)
Ch. Hyde (Old Dominion U.)
V. Kubarovsky (JLab)
P. Stoler (Rensselaer Polytechnical I.)
Ch. Weiss (JLab)

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