[clas_members] CLAS Speakers Committee

David Ireland David.Ireland at glasgow.ac.uk
Thu Jan 15 07:39:24 EST 2015

Dear CLAS Collaborators,

Just to keep you informed, the membership of the CLAS Speakers Committee 
has undergone a complete renewal since last year. The current membership is:

Annalisa D'Angelo - Hadron Spectroscopy (Chair)
Carlos Munoz Camacho - Deep Processes
Lamiaa El Fassi - Nuclear Physics (Secretary)
Latifa Elouadhriri - At Large 1
Jerry Gilfoyle - At Large 2

Steffan Strauch - Hadron Spectroscopy
Michel Garcon - Deep Processes
Nathan Baltzell - Nuclear Physics
Bryan McKinnon - At Large 1
Eugene Pasyuk - At Large 2

May I thank all the previous members of the CSC for their valuable work. 
In particular, I would like to thank Marco Battaglieri and Raffaella De 
Vita for their leadership of the committee.

The wiki for the CSC is at:

Best wishes,


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