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For the past few years Hall B has been busy with installation of 
equipment for CLAS12 and with the preparation of new experiments such as 
HPS and PRAD. We also expect to receive new equipment this year from our 
collaborators overseas. Some of the installation work also requires help 
from the Jefferson Lab support groups. In order to ensure high quality 
work in Hall B I want to remind everyone who is planning to conduct any 
work in Hall B of the requirement to go through the following steps:

 1. Notify the Hall B  Work Coordinator, Doug Tilles (tilles at jlab.org),
    of any work to be done in Hall B
 2. Discuss the work in detail with Doug Tilles and do a walk through.
    This may also require reviews of drawing and calculation, which will
    be carried out by Hall B lead engineer Bob Miller (rmiller at jlab.org)
 3. The Work Coordinator will observe the work and inspect it when it is
 4. If the Work Coordinator deems the work to be correct and done
    professionally, the job is complete
 5. If the Work Coordinator deems the work does not meet Hall B
    standards, it must be corrected

Doug Tilles already uses these steps for work done by the Hall B 
technicians, so this requirement just extends the steps to all work done 
in the Hall (including cabling, gas system, DAQ, and future experimental 
equipment). Doug Tilles will be assisted by Denny Insley 
(dinsley at jlab.org) and by Bob Miller to make sure that all work is done 

*Note that these requirements do not replace the technical and safety 
reviews of new equipment brought to JLab and Hall B but are in addition 
to those. *

Thank you for your cooperation,

Volker Burkert
Head of Hall B department

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