[clas_members] PAC44 results

burkert burkert at jlab.org
Fri Jul 29 15:29:10 EDT 2016

Dear all,

  Please find attached the results of PAC44. In short, Hall B got one 
run group "Confinement and strong QCD" approved with 100 days and the 
requested energies of 6.6 and 8.8 GeV.  The other two CLAS12 run groups 
(ALERT, and the additional running of DVCS on polarized deuterium) were 
both deferred. Of course, the latter has already 50 days of running 
together with RG C.

The reasons for the PAC decisions will be given in the comments when the 
full PAC44 report comes out (probably in a couple weeks). The total 
number of approved beam time is 191 days for all Halls of which CLAS12 
received over 50%.

To you all a very good weekend!


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