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Harut Avakian avakian at jlab.org
Mon May 2 14:50:51 EDT 2016

Dear All,
Following JLab policies for storing large amounts of data on mss please 
write all useful data collected for calibration of different detectors
in the dedicated /mss/clas/clas12/detectors/
directory. Currently we have ctof, svt and rich sub directories.
Important simulation data for different physics processes could be 
written  to

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Subject: 	Writing to mss
Date: 	Mon, 19 Oct 2015 11:39:55 -0400
From: 	Harut Avakian <avakian at jlab.org>
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Dear All,
When submitting jobs accessing tapes to read and write to mss please
make sure
1)the job will not start until the file is available(to avoid wasting
computer resources)
2)write large MC production files ONLY to run group dedicated areas on mss
Following our request cc already created for some rungroups the area
/mss/clas/clas_rungroup/mcproduction  others can send a request if needed.
rungroups    mss directory for MC-production

clase1   /mss/clas/e1e/mcproduction
clase1-6 /mss/clas/e1-6a/mcproduction
clase1f  /mss/clas/e1f/mcproduction
claseg1dvcs  /mss/clas/eg1dvcs/mcproduction
clasg11  /mss/clas/g11/mcproduction


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