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burkert burkert at jlab.org
Mon Jan 16 15:56:41 EST 2017

Dear all,

Although we didn't have a Hall B meeting today due to Martin Luther King 
holiday, I just want to give a brief update on what is going on with the 
KPP run preparations:

Last week we had a very successful accelerator readiness review (ARR), 
that cleared the way for bringing beam to Hall B in February for the KPP 
run, and for the engineering/commissioning run in October/November of 
this year.

The installation in the Hall is going very well. The forward detector 
system w/o HTCC is fully installed.  The temporary gas systems for the 
drift chambers (Ar/CO2) and the HTCC (CO2) detector are being finalized 
and should be operational by next week. The Torus magnet will be brought 
back online by the end of next week at 50% of maximum current. The 
installation of the CTOF in a temporary support structure is 90% 
finished (see attachment) and should be completed on Tuesday (the 
installation team is running double shifts!). The HTCC will be 
transported to the Hall this week, and the SVT will be inserted into the 
CTOF from upstream by the end of January. Finally, the beam line and the 
carbon target will be installed before beam operation.

The software is ready for the KPP run analysis and will be tested with 
cosmic rays in the detector system as soon as the drift chambers are at 
HV and generate signals.

To all, a good week!

Volker Burkert

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