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Volker Burkert burkert at jlab.org
Thu Sep 7 16:03:55 EDT 2017

Dear all,

Congratulations to this great success. All coils below 5K is a fantastic achievement and in record time!
Now on to power up! 

Volker Burkert

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Solenoid Cooldown - Cooling Basically Done 

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Congratulations to ALL, A major step has been completed today. 
The Solenoid is cold and we have Liquid Helium in both the lead reservoir and Magnet reservoir! 
I will continue to tune the control loops to improve stability. 
Lead flow controllers were replaced this morning and are working perfectly. 

One major sticking point to powering the magnet is completion of the Hi-Pot test. 
At present we have a team looking at a low resistance to ground of the water cooled lead "A". 

The superconducting liquid probes have been disconnected and are being investigated. 
Helium flow from ESR has reduced from ~10g/s to ~6g/s 

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