[clas_members] RGA in production/ NO RC meeting today

Latifa Elouadrhiri latifa at jlab.org
Sat Feb 17 10:21:28 EST 2018

Dear all,

There will be No RC meeting today. Yesterday swing shift the machine was 
back. We established good beam quality with almost no bleed through to 
the Tagger-yoke, then we completed two Moller runs. The measured 
polarization is now consistent with the 2 half-wave plates, it is also 
consistent with the Mott measurement performed earlier by the injector 

We took 2 calibration runs to measure the trigger efficiency and since 
early this morning we are in full production mode. The goal is to take 
production data all weekend.

I will keep you informed regarding the status of the experiment later 
this evening and the plans for tomorrow.

Best regards,


RG-A Run coordinator

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