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Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Mon Mar 5 00:32:59 EST 2018

Dear Collaborators, 

Here is an update. The Hall B walkthrough this Monday will be at 11:00. We meet in Hall B counting room. 


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> Dear Collaborators,

> Here is an update about Hall access and walkthrough early next week.

> Monday March 5th accelerator will start beam studies staring at 9 am. As it
> looks now we may have beam for a couple of hours after that before they will
> terminate the beam to Hall B and we can go to controlled access and have
> walkthrough. Tentatively that would be around noon, give or take an hour. I'll
> send out the exact time Monday morning before 9 am , so stay tuned and check
> your email then.

> Tuesday March 6th accelerator is planning to do RF recovery starting at 8:30 am.
> They will take beam away for about four hours. During this time we should be
> able to access the hall and have another opportunity fro the walkthrough. This
> is a shorter down time than Monday and is a bit less certain. Tentatively this
> would be around 9 am, but the exact time will be set later. Stay tuned for an
> update and check you email.

> I need to know how many people will attend the walkthrough. Depending on that we
> will see if can do it under controlled access or will have to bring the hall to
> restricted access. I encourage you to do it Monday because it is more certain
> and longer down time, unless you are not on-site this day. Some of you will be
> traveling Monday and arrive late. You can plan for Tuesday morning.

> Please send me your name and indicate which day you will be able to attend.

> -Eugene

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>> Subject: [clas_members] Hall B walkthrough next week

>> Dear Collaborators,

>> Next Monday or Tuesday (March 5-6) accelerator is scheduled to do beam studies
>> and RF recovery. We will not have beam in the hall for a few hours during this
>> time. This is an opportunity to do Hall B safety walkthrough (SAF111) for those
>> who still have not done this but scheduled to take shifts. The exact time
>> expected to be known by the end of this week.
>> Please contact me if you need this training.

>> -Eugene

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