[clas_members] Hall B status and shifts update

Eugene Pasyuk pasyuk at jlab.org
Wed Mar 7 14:39:40 EST 2018

Dear Collaborators, 

The accelerator remains down due to the transformer failure this Monday. The replacement transformers have been identified and expected to arrive to JLab this weekend. Installation and bringing everything back to operation may take up to two weeks. Meanwhile OPS evaluating some other options which may lead to earlier restoration. Therefore all Hall B shifts are canceled until 08:00 next Wednesday March 14. Stay tuned for further updates when we have any new information. 
With absence of one of the CHL ESR does not have enough capacity to recover and cool down all three halls (A,B, C) simultaneously. 
The priorities are set now to cool Hall A first, followed by Hall C and Hall B is the last to get He. Now the He supply to Hall B is cut off and both our superconducting magnets are OFF and slowly warming up. 
Hall B remains in restricted access. If you need to do some work in the hall this is the time to do that. If you are going to do some work make sure that Hall B Work Coordinator and Run Coordinator are notified of your activity in the hall. 

Stay tuned for further updates 

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